Why Opt for Metal Roof Shingles

Roof That Lasts  

Whether you’re putting a roof on a new home, or your existing roof requires a total makeover, there are many materials available. But no matter what roof style you have metal roofs can be an attractive option because of their longevity, minimal maintenance, and energy efficiency. And you can choose from tin, zinc, aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel. Metal roofs offer several advantages including a longer life cycle than roofing materials like asphalt, and cedar. Metal roofs can withstand elements including hail, heavy rain and snow, and high winds. Metal roofs have also been credited for protecting homes during forest and brush fires. In fact, in many areas insurance companies offer homeowners up to a 30% reduction in their homeowner’s insurance when they install metal roof shingles.

Metal roofs can initially cost up to three to four times more than asphalt or cedar roofs. However, homeowners must keep in mind that the average asphalt cedar roof will require replacing approximately every 15 to 20 years, whereas metal roofs can last over 60-years, making metal the perfect roofing choice. They can also sustain wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour, will not corrode or crack, and maybe impact-resistant depending on which metal you choose. In addition, metal roofs don’t need the periodic costly maintenance that other roofing materials often require. However, they should be inspected periodically to make sure no repairs are required. They are also safer as they will not spark and ignite into flames during a wildfire or lightning strike.

Lastly, metal roof shingles are more environment friendly as they are 100% recyclable at the end of their life as a roof.

The roof structure is one of the most important parts of any building and choosing the right material for it is equally necessary. If you are in Wilmington, DE and the surrounding areas and is decided to choose n metal roof shingles, turn to Two Brothers Roofing. Call us at (302) 400-7117 for inquiries.